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Bring authenticity to your Influencer Marketing

Socialights is the first and largest collaboration on-demand platform in Indonesia. We help brands collaborate with content creators to co-create more authentic yet engaging influencer marketing content.


92% Consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than any other forms of advertising. Don’t use your ads content for Influencer Marketing, it won’t work. Content authenticity is matter in today’s influencing strategy.

Why Does Co-creation Matter?

Leverage Social Commerce

72% of Instagram users decided to buy based on something they saw on Instagram because online consumers now expect to be able to shop anywhere and everywhere, on every channel.

Socialights lets you use any social channel shoppable, activate influencers, and leverage UGC in ways you never could have imagined.

Boost Product Launches

Launch smarter. No one wants to buy a new product until they know people like it. Collect reviews and feedback from your prospective consumer before you launch a sampling campaign.

Meet shoppers where they are — whether it be in-store, on social media, or on your website — and show up armed with authentic reviews, photos, and videos.

Instill Shopper Confidence

Reviews matter. It’s a fact. Most shoppers (93%) say reviews impact their purchasing decisions. Co-create with our network of creators to bring your product reviews more authentic, in your own customer’s language.

Ensure your reviews have maximum impact by syndicating them across Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Dominate Social Presence

Finding your product should be the easy part. So don’t take any chances. Increase your product discoverability by bolstering your product content in the social media universe.

Better visibility than your competition can have a material impact on your bottom line. Ready to increase your sales? Co-creation is the solution.

How Socialights Can Help

Socialights AI

75% Marketers said that identifying the right influencers is the biggest challenge. Our proprietary AI-powered algorithm makes the matchmaking with creators within the network so fast and easy.


Enhance your brand credibility on social media by collaborating with online community of creators that shared the same values and interests. Building your brand digital tribe starts from here.


Increase your brand awareness, engagements, or even conversions by launching social media challenge that reach massive audience. The best part is, you just need to pay by it’s performance. Fair price!


53% Marketers said measuring the performance of a campaign is their biggest challenge. Here, you can get your collaboration performance instantly without any hassle of collecting data from each collaborator.

A Decade Experience

Whether it’s getting your user-generated content tactic started or expanding your content strategy, we’re here to be a true strategic partner for your business. Your brand, powered by Socialights, means smarter shopping for your customers – and business growth for you.


“Socialights adalah Partner yang bisa menggambarkan local people with multinational thinking”

Fanny Aeni

“Socialights sangat lengkap dan detail saat memberikan insights”

Tania M. Munaf

“Creative Partner dan Strategy selalu jadi highlights untuk Socialights”

N. Prasetiya

Collaboration Enabler for All Company Size

Small Medium Business:

Starts from:

IDR 1 Mio

per campaign

Self-service campaign
Basic campaign solution
Connect to +14K creators
Available task only/collabs options

Enterprise Solutions:

Starts from:

IDR 50 Mio

per campaign

Dedicated account manager
Custom campaign solution
Request for specific Creator
Flexible creator task

15.000+ Network of Diverse Content Creators

Fitness | Extreme Sports | Yoga & Mediations

Beauty & Personal Care | Home & Living | Property | Fashion

Motherhood & Parenting | Relationships | Baby & Children | Weddings

Pharmaceutical | Nutritionist | Psychology & Mental Health | Women Health

Cooking & Recipes | Baristas & Beverages | Snacks & Ingredients | Restaurants & Cafes

Gaming | Actors & Musician | Comedian | Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship | Finance Literacy | Investment |  Career Development

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